FTC Reminds Users not to “Double-Dip”

Tiffany George at the FTC recently posted made a blog posting reminding users of their FCRA obligations. Her caution is against “double-dipping”.  Meaning that “[i]f [users] get a consumer report for one purpose, [they should not] use it for a different purpose.”  The posting also encourages users to review “the Notice to Users of Consumer… Continue reading FTC Reminds Users not to “Double-Dip”

CDIA Files Amicus to N.Y. Court of Appeals

February 2016, CDIA filed an amicus brief with the New York Court of Appeals in Griffin v. Sirva, Inc. In short, CDIA urges the Court to agree that the state Human Rights Law applies to “employers” only, and not to third parties, like background check companies.