PASS to success

CDIA and PBSA have joined forces to support Public Access Software Specifications (PASS). PASS leverages technology to improve the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of public records. In today’s economy, a greater demand for and policy concerning background screening, as well as more precise legal standards, is putting greater demands on public access from the courts.… Continue reading PASS to success

Protocol’s story on Checkr doesn’t check out

Recently, Protocol, a new news outlet from the owner of Politico, did a story on Checkr and its criminal background checks.  The story focused on anecdotes from several cases without looking at the overall accuracy in the background check industry.  The story also focused a lot of attention on litigation against the company, yet the… Continue reading Protocol’s story on Checkr doesn’t check out

CDIA comment on criminal background checks

Prior criminal activity can also be a predictor of future action. A 2018 report shows that rates of recidivism are significant.  This is a key point CDIA made when it filed a follow-up comment in January 2020 to the CFPB and the FTC in response to their Accuracy in Consumer Reporting Workshop in December 2019.  CDIA… Continue reading CDIA comment on criminal background checks

CDIA Comments to the USCCR

As we have noted before, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights had dipped its toe in to the area of criminal background checks .  The Commission jumped in to the fray again with a recent announcement and public briefing on May, Collateral Consequences: The Crossroads of Punishment, Redemption, and the Effects on Communities.  We noted before… Continue reading CDIA Comments to the USCCR