More on EEOC Litigation Tactics and Strategy

Another informative blog from SeyfarthShaw about a recent ruling in EEOC v. KB Staffing, LLC illustrating how difficult it can be for an employer seeking to protect itself from burdensome and seemingly over broad investigations by the EEOC, even after the charging party has withdrawn. After The Charge Has Gone: Court Gives EEOC Free Reign… Continue reading More on EEOC Litigation Tactics and Strategy

Another EEOC Oversight Hearing

The Subcommittee on Workforce Protections of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce announced another oversight hearing of the EEOC.  The September 17 hearing will focus on three EEOC reform bills: H.R. 4959, the EEOC Transparency and Accountability Act; H.R. 5422, the Litigation Oversight Act of 2014; and H.R. 5423, the Certainty in Enforcement Act… Continue reading Another EEOC Oversight Hearing

EEOC seeks a wins summary judgment; a new trend?

The EEOC received what a SeyfathShaw blog called “a rare partial summary judgment win” in an ADA case, in EEOC v. Midwest Regional Medical Center, LLC, No. CIV-13-789-M (W.D. Okla. Aug. 7, 2014).  The Court entered summary judgment in favor of the EEOC as to whether Withers was a person with a disability within the meaning of… Continue reading EEOC seeks a wins summary judgment; a new trend?

New Jersey Bans the Box

New Jersey became the latest state to pass the so-called “ban-the-box” bill which, in general, prohibits an employer from inquiring about a criminal history at or before an initial interview.  In the last few years, New Jersey had attempted to pass legislation that was far broader and more troubling for public safety.  After CDIA and… Continue reading New Jersey Bans the Box